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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: Something in Red

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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: Something in Red

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So I'm working my way through a list of songs I've been listening to lately. This is what happens when I'm bored! Enjoy. Feedback is love.

Rating: PG
Notes: This is, like, two or three years into Bartlet's first term. It doesn't deal with anything specific, so I guess it doesn't really matter. Just a little blurb.

“I'm looking for something in red
Something that's shocking to turn someone's head
Strapless and sequined and cut down to there
Stockings and garters and lace underwear
The guaranteed number to knock the men dead
I'm looking for something in red”

CJ knocks on the door of the Bartlet’s bedroom. The Secret Service agent said Mrs. Bartlet was there, so when she doesn’t get an answer CJ opens the door a crack and calls out to her. “Mrs. Bartlet?” She hears a noise from the closet and then Abbey answers, “In here, CJ.” Taking that as an invitation, CJ enters the suite and closes the door behind her. When she walks into the closet, she’s shocked at what she finds. Abbey is standing in the middle of a huge pile of dresses, hair done, makeup perfect, wearing a bathrobe. “Ma’am, what’s wrong?” Abbey sits on a nearby bench with a sigh. “I don’t have anything to wear!” CJ chuckles. “So, those aren’t dresses in the middle of the room there?”

Abbey looks at CJ with tears in her eyes, and the press secretary instantly regrets her joke. “Okay, well, the party is going to start soon, so we have to find you something to wear.” Stepping over the pile of dresses, CJ joins the first lady on the other side of the closet. “Didn’t your staff get you a dress?” Abbey nods. “It’s not red. It has to be red.” The younger woman starts looking through the plethora of dresses still hanging on the bar. “Red, huh? Okay.” Searching through the dresses, CJ finally finds the one she remembers the first lady wearing two years before. “Aha!” She turns, proudly displaying the crimson dress. “Ask and ye shall receive.” The first lady walks up, taking the dress from her friend and reaching up to kiss CJ’s cheek.

“Mrs. Bartlet, may I ask, why red?” CJ sees the insecurity in Abbey’s eyes, an insecurity she can’t ever remember seeing before. The older woman tenses up, but answers the question anyway. “I wore red the first time Jed and I went out. I just thought… Things have been…forced lately. I thought maybe if I wore red, he would remember. That he would want to…” CJ nods her understanding, turning to go. Not wanting to leave her friend in such a dismal mood, she turns back to the first lady. “Abbey?” The first lady looks at CJ questioningly. “If it were me…” She turns to leave, not wanting to finish her thought. “Claudia.” She turns, looking into Abbey’s eyes. “You wouldn‘t have to wear red to make me want you. I want you all the time.” Feeling none of the embarrassment or guilt she thought she’d have felt at admitting her attraction to the older woman, CJ leaves the first couple's bedroom and heads to her office to slip into her own dress.

When CJ walks into the ballroom later that evening, the first lady walks up to her… wearing an ice blue dress. Wordlessly, Abbey hands CJ a slip of paper and walks out of the room. Confused, CJ opens the folded paper.
“Claudia, meet me in the Lincoln bedroom- you didn’t give me a chance to properly thank you earlier. I want you, too. --Abbey”
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