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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: A Twist of Fate 10/?

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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: A Twist of Fate 10/?

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Chapter 10/?
Rating: PG?
Alternate Universe: What if, at the end of the first season in Roslyn, instead of the President and Josh being shot, CJ was hit? How would it effect the people around her? How would those relationships change?
Notes:Wow, I'm on a roll. I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning and couldn’t wait to write this chapter. It’s a fun one, lol. So’s the next one. Enjoy!

“Abbey?” CJ looks up into her friend’s beautiful hazel eyes. “Shh… I’m sorry I woke you.” Abbey still caresses the side of CJ’s face with her fingers. CJ leans into the touch, not quite believing what she’s feeling. “What are you…?” Abbey leans down, planting a kiss on CJ’s lips. “I’m sorry I just… you almost died. I’ve tried, Claudia Jean, I really have. I lov-” CJ puts a finger to Abbey’s lips. “Don’t, Abbey. Toby’s right over there.” CJ points to the other bed, noticing that someone has opened the curtains. “He’s asleep, and frankly I don’t care anymore.”

CJ takes Abbey’s hand in hers. “That’s not true and you know it.” Abbey looks down at their joined hands. “I know. When I got the call… I thought I’d never hear your laugh again, never watch you do ‘The Jackal,’ and I never even told you how I feel.” CJ pulls Abbey’s hand up and places a loving kiss on the back of the older woman’s hand. “I know, Abbey. I’ve always known; but knowing doesn’t make it any easier.” Abbey sighs and she seems to deflate a little. “I know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have added to the stress I know you’re already feeling. I just… I had to tell you. I had to know that you know, even though nothing will ever come of it. I love you, Claudia Jean. I’ve loved you since you walked into the Bartlet for America headquarters and screamed across the room, calling Toby an asshole for a story you read in the local paper.” CJ laughs. “In his defense, he was grossly misquoted.”

“CJ, I-” CJ leans up slowly, pulling Abbey closer. “I know. I love you, too, Abbey. I always have.” With a sigh that comes from the depths of their souls, their lips meet. Throwing caution to the wind, tongues clash, exploring forbidden territory, trying to memorize the feel and taste of each other. Feeling light headed from lack of oxygen, CJ reluctantly pulls away. She looks into Abbey’s eyes, reaching up to wipe a lone tear from the older woman’s cheek. “I should… you need your rest. I should get going.” Abbey stands, pulling her hand from CJ’s. “Abbey, you don’t have to go.” Abbey nods, wiping another tear from her eyes. “Yes I do. I need to get outta here. I need some air. I’ll be back later.” Without another word, Abbey rushes from the room, her agents rushing to catch up in the hallway.

CJ leans back, pulling her fingers to her lips, remembering the feel of the other woman’s lips on her own. Could things get any crazier? She closes her eyes, trying in vain to fall asleep to dream of the woman who just ran from the room. “What the hell was that?!” CJ’s eyes fly open and she looks across the room to her best friend. “Toby, I thought you were asleep! You scared me!” Toby glares at her. “Tough. What the hell was that?” CJ looks around, trying to find a trap door or something to get her out of this conversation. “What was what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She gives Toby a shaky smile. “The hell you don’t, CJ. How long have you been in love with the first lady?”
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