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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: Baby, I love you....

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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash

FF: Baby, I love you....

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Thank God for Satellite radio on direct tv. Apparently Natalie Merchant covered the song “Baby I Love You.” I love that song, and I had no idea she covered it, so… my mind wandered, and this is where it ended up. Just a little stand alone set at the Manchester house. Enjoy!!
Rating: Um, PG-13?

Abbey rushes into the barn, tossing aside her useless broken umbrella and pausing as her eyes adjust to the dim light. She knows she’s not alone; she hears the familiar sound of her husband’s press secretary singing along to a song on the radio. With a smile, Abbey follows the slightly off-key voice to the back of the barn. The sight before her almost makes her laugh out loud. CJ Cregg is laying in the back of an old pick up truck that hasn’t worked in years, her propped up on the side of the truck, wet hair splayed around her head. She’s wearing jeans and a camisole, her button up shirt hanging from the antenna of the truck obviously soaked through, singing along with the radio clearly not feeling the first lady’s eyes on her.

As the song changes, Abbey clears her throat. CJ jumps, startled by the intrusion, and relaxes when she sees her friend and lover leaning against a support beam, a smile dancing across her features. “Abbey, hey.” The older woman walks over to the truck, pulling herself into the bed to sit across from the younger woman. Abbey tilts her head, trying to figure out what song is playing on the radio. Giving up, she asks what CJ’s listening to. The other woman points to a cd player sitting on the table just across the room. “It’s a burnt cd. This is Linger by the Cranberries. You just missed Jealousy by Natalie Merchant. It’s my back in the day mix.” Abbey chuckles, pulling CJ so the younger woman is resting her head on her chest. “Which day would that be?” Distracted by the feel of Abbey’s soft, warm curves against her, CJ doesn’t hear the question. “Huh?”

“Back in the day. Which day?” CJ hums along as Abbey combs her fingers through her light brown tresses. “Um… I dunno. Before all this craziness. Some of the songs go way back to when I was riding around Dayton in Kate’s rust bucket, singing along and smoking contraband cigarettes because we thought they made us look cool. Just, you know, back in the day.” CJ looks up, smiling at the sight of the first lady, soaked, wet hair curling around her face, makeup washed away from the unexpected downpour. Leaning up, CJ places a loving kiss on Abbey’s lips before snuggling up against her.

If you want my lovin’
If you really do
Don’t be afraid, baby, just ask me
Ya know I’m gonna give it to you…

“Oh, my God!” CJ exclaims as the familiar voice of Aretha Franklin fills the room. “I love this song!!” She jumps out of the truck, holding her arms out for Abbey to join her, which she does. “Dance with me, Abigail!” Abbey laughs as CJ pulls her close, her body swaying to the music. “Baby, baby, baby I love you! There ain’t no doubt about it, baby, I love you,” CJ sings, spinning Abbey around. “If you feel you wanna kiss me-” CJ gets caught off-guard as Abbey’s lips meet hers, her tongue forcing its way in and sweeping around to taste all that she has to offer. Aretha is forgotten as the two melt into an embrace they haven’t shared in far too long. CJ sighs as Abbey trails lips along her jaw and down onto the base of her neck, tongue swirling around her collarbone. Abbey tugs CJ’s camisole from her jeans, starting to pull it up over the younger woman’s head when a voice calls out from the main part of the barn. “Abbey?!”

Jumping away from her lover, CJ rushes over to grab her shirt from the antenna. “In here, Jed!” Abbey calls to her husband, giving CJ an apologetic smile. The younger woman returns the smile, reluctantly turning off the music, ready to return to the real world. Just as CJ buttons her last button, the president walks around the corner into the small room in which the two women found refuge. “There you are!” Abbey walks towards her husband, hands on her hips. “There’s no reason to shout, we’re in the same room.” Jed lowers his voice. “Sorry. One of the tree limbs fell in the storm. It took out one of the barns. We didn’t know where you were.” He looks up, noticing CJ trying to blend in by the truck and gives her a nod. “I’m sorry, Jed. I went for a stroll around the property and got caught by the storm. I ducked in here for shelter and found Claudia Jean, listening to music from back in the day. Aretha Franklin came on and we couldn’t help but dance around. Let’s go; I’ve got to get out of these wet clothes!” Linking her arm through her husband’s, Abbey leads him from the barn, looking over her shoulder to say goodbye to CJ.

The younger woman blows her a kiss before turning to collect the cd. As she slips it into her case, CJ makes a mental note to change the name of the cd from “Back in the Day” to “Abigail.” She knows she’ll never think of it the same, anyway. With a sigh, CJ squares her shoulders and heads out into the sunshine, a smile on her face, humming along to the tune in her head. Toby rushes from the front pouch. “CJ, where were you?!?! A story just broke about a Senator and one of the White House interns. We need you!” She turns, following Toby back into the house, still humming to herself. She had a great day, dammit. Some Senator from who the hell knows where isn’t going to ruin it for her. A little rain, Aretha, and Abigail. What more could a girl want?
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