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CJ Cregg and Abbey Bartlet Femme Slash
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A femme slash community dedicated to CJ Cregg and Abigail Bartlet.
Claudia Jean Cregg & Dr Abigail Anne Bartlet

The OFFICIAL CJ/Abbey femme slash community. I originally created cj_abbey back in the day but shut it down due to lack of popularity. But there's currently a demand for it, so we're bringing sexy back. They're our Brangelina... they leave those two out in the cold. It's Allison Janney and Stockard Channing all the way. They are among two sexiest and most gifted performers of our time (unfortunately also grossly underrated) but we're doing our salute to these lovely ladies and sharing our writings, images and anything related generally to CJ and Abbey, both individually but especially together.

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Rules and Warnings:
This community is of an adult nature. It contains has homo-erotic themes. If you are offended or a member of Hillsong please do not join.
Anyone may join but if I see your profile or behaviour indicates you're a troll you will be banned
Be respectful of eachother
Abuse of any degree is not at all tolerated and will be dealt with fully
It is understandable that certain pieces posted here may offend. Please use appropriate ratings when posting
Do not post anything that is not relevant to CJ or Abbey or Allison Janney and Stockard Channing